Reporting Fraud

If a Trustee, a member of the public, an employee, or another individual engaged by the MSD becomes aware of activities that he or she believes to be illegal, improper, unethical, or otherwise inconsistent with the MSD Code of Ethics, the person should report the matter.

Report Anonymously

The MSD has an open-door policy and encourages Trustees, employees and any other individuals engaged by the MSD share their questions, concerns, and complaints with the person's immediate supervisor, the District General Manager, Board Chair, or other appropriate individual. Additionally, comments may be reported anonymously by mailing an anonymous written comment to the District General Manager, the Board Chair, or other appropriate individual to: GSLMSD. 2001 So. State Street, Suite N3-600, Salt Lake City, UT 84190. Comments may also be made using the State Auditor Hotline Program.


All MSD employees and officials are required to follow and comply at all times with applicable requirements of the Utah Public Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act, (Utah Code Ann. §§ 67-16-1 et seq.), and with any other laws applicable to the MSD and employees and/or officials. These laws include, but are not limited to, record retention laws found in the Government Records Access and Management Act (Utah Code Ann. §§ 63G-2-101, et seq.), the Utah Procurement Code (Utah Code Ann. §§ 63G-6a-101, et seq.), and laws prohibiting nepotism (Utah Code Ann. §§ 52-3-1, et seq. and 17B-1-110).