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The MSD contracts with Salt Lake County Public Works for road maintenance. Public Works will be repairing road surfaces this fall (2022). These projects are funded by member communities through the MSD. Please be safe around construction vehicles and crews. We thank you for your patience. This is proposed work and may be subject to change. 

2022 Projects

9200 West Magna Micropave

West Danbury Slurry Seal

Westbury Area Slurry Seal

4680 West Area Slurry Seal

Discovery Area Slurry Seal

2021 Projects

Overlay Pavement Plan – this work consists of grinding the road surface to remove the top layer of damaged asphalt, then repaving on top.  The asphalt is over 400 degrees when it is placed so residents should keep kids and pets away from the work area.

Chip Seal Pavement Plan – this is a seal coat on the existing asphalt.  Oil is sprayed on the asphalt then chips (gravel) are spread over the oil and rolled with asphalt rollers.  This is a very cost-effective way to seal the surface of the road and extend the life another 7-10 years.  The oil used is very sticky (not hot) so the residents should not drive or walk on it until it is open to traffic.

Slurry Seal Pavement Plan – similar to a chip seal.  The oil and chips are mixed into a slurry and spread on the road. Residents should not drive or walk on the road until it is open to traffic.

Contractor Overlay Pavement Plan 

  • Brighton Silver Fork Area
  • Brighton Old Prospect Area
  • Emigration Canyon Pinecrest
  • Emigration Canyon Killyons
  • Kearns Pieper – Sams Blvd.
  • Magna Washington Area #1
  • Magna Washington Area #2

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