Code Enforcement

About Code Enforcement

The Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD) Code Enforcement is committed to developing creative solutions that ensure communities are well-maintained, safe, and desirable places to live, work and raise a family. We work to sustain property values and low crime rates. From weed control to yard cleanup, the MSD Code Enforcement staff is focused on improving relationships between people, the environment, and the communities we live in.Old items and trash laying in a field

Issues We Address

  • Clearview Violation (fences, plants, and other items taller than two feet on a corner lot that is blocking the view of traffic)
  • Commercial Vehicles on Residential Property
  • Conducting a Non-Permitted Home-Based Business
  • Exceeding Amount of Unrelated Occupants
  • Living in a Mobile Home, Camper, or Trailer on Residential Property
  • More Than One Unregistered/Inoperable Vehicle on a Property
  • Outdoor Storage (AKA Junk)
  • Parking on Dirt or Grass
  • Running an Unpermitted Short-Term Rental
  • Sidewalk Obstruction
  • Unpermitted Signs
  • Violating Setbacks (carports and other structures too close to property lines)

Issues We Don't Address 

  • Improper Street Parking or Unregistered Vehicles in the Street: Contact the local Unified Police Department  
  • Construction Without a Permit: Contact the MSD Building Department (385) 468-6688
  • Overflowing Garbage Bins: Contact SLCO Health Department (385) 468-4100
  • Conducting a Business Without a License: Contact MSD Business Licensing Department (385) 468-6721

Report a Violation

The MSD uses Cityworks to report code violations, which allows the MSD to receive, process and take action more efficiently. This will be an anonymous report even though an email address is required to submit a violation. Report a violation

Citizen Problem Reporter Tool

MSD Citizen Problem Reporter Tool 12.5.2022

Pay Your Parking Ticket Here*

Parking Violation Instructions

Monitor outline


 You will need to enter your license plate and ticket number to pull up the information to pay your fine. 

Telephone with solid fill 

By Phone: 385-468-6694 or 385-468-6672 Mon-Fri 8:00 am-3:30 pm


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In Person: Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District, 2001 S State Street Suite N3600, Salt Lake City, UT 84190. Mon-Fri 8:00am-3:30pm


Bank check outline

By Mail: DO NOT MAIL CASH. Record the Notice number on the check or money order and include a copy of the Notice with your payment. Checks must be made out to Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District.

* Failure to pay the penalty may result in the filing of a civil action, increased penalties and fees, and administrative fees. Under the listed code, the owner and/or operator of the vehicle are strictly liable for civil penalties assessed pursuant to this Notice. To satisfy the Parking Notice, you must send payment in the amount indicated no earlier than 5 business days but no later than 20 calendar days or appeal the Notice.