Emigration Canyon Metro Township

Emigration Canyon Metro Township

Emigration Canyon incorporated in 2017 and is home to just over 1,800 residents. The community is comprised of 19 square miles of land that traverses several ecosystems due to mountainous terrain and varying elevations. Residents benefit from abundant open space and recreational amenities.

Emigration Canyon Metro Township

Emigration Canyon Vision

  • Emigration Canyon is a progressive, family-oriented community with many opportunities for its residents to enjoy active, healthy, and modern lifestyles.
  • Emigration Canyon is comprised of distinct neighborhoods with residents who are dedicated to fostering a sense of community and are actively involved in public activities.
  • Emigration Canyon is a nationally recognized historic landmark and its residents embrace that heritage.
  • Emigration Canyon residents enjoy and value the Canyon's many excellent, cherished, well-maintained recreational amenities.
  • Emigration Canyon residents are committed to maintaining and protecting the Canyon’s important ecosystems and resources.
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Planning Milestones

Milestone 1: Technical Assessment

The technical assessment answers the question, "What do you have?" It's an analysis of current conditions to provide information needed to support fact-based planning activities.

View the Emigration Canyon Technical Assessment (PDF).

Milestone 2: Public Outreach

Public outreach answers the question, "What do you want?" The Steering Committee is comprised of members representing a cross-section of the community. Working with the community, their goal is to seek agreement on key issues.

Milestone 3: Guidance for Plan Elements

The guidance for plan elements answers, "How do we get there?' The community's vision, community goals, policies, character areas, and community work program are created from data analysis and community feedback and developed into specific implementable actions.

Milestone 4: General Plan

A General Plan is a fact-based resource that tracks implementation of community policies. The General Plan creates an environment of predictability for business and property owners. In addition, the General Plan helps local governments to recognize and implement important initiatives.

Emigration Canyon Values

The following values have been developed from the Emigration Canyon Vision Statement, "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats" (SWOT) / "Achieve, Avoid, Preserve, and Eliminate" (APAE) Analysis, Transportation and Land Use Survey Results, and with guidance from the General Plan Steering Committee. Values are beliefs about desirable states or modes of conduct that guide behavior and prioritization. Each chapter of the General Plan includes a work program that links these values to goals, objectives, actions, outcomes and performance indicators. This work program can be used to evaluate progress towards the achievement of community goals, and the maintenance of community values.

Snow-Capped Mountains

Environmental Sustainability & Protection

Emigration Canyon should protect the natural environment of the canyon and aim to maintain or enhance environmental sustainability and stewardship now and for future generations; this includes but is not limited to features such as water quality, open space, noise management, dark skies, air quality, biodiversity and climate resilience.

Ruth's Diner Sign

Community Commitment

The Emigration Canyon community should celebrate its history and foster a strong sense of cohesive community identity through a commitment to public service, the enjoyment of shared open and community spaces, and the pursuit of intergenerational well-being.

Camp Kostopulos Signage

Quality of Life

Emigration Canyon should promote a range of well managed educational, cultural, economic and recreation opportunities that support the achievement of active, healthy, and modern lifestyles for all residents.

Green Hills and Mountains Beyond

Health & Safety

All members of the Emigration Canyon community should have access to a healthy, quiet, safe environment where traffic is well controlled and natural hazards are well managed and they can live, work, and play with peace of mind.

Three People on a Walk

Engaged Citizenry

All citizens of Emigration Canyon should have the opportunity to be knowledgeable about and encouraged to engage in local decision-making.


You Can Make a Difference in Emigration Canyon

Participating in Emigration Canyon's community meetings will give you a chance to express your vision for the future of your community, and the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of the General Plan.

Join us virtually at Planning Commission Meetings and Council Meetings, held monthly. To access virtual meetings, go to the Utah Public Notice website. Select "Cities" - "Emigration Canyon Metro Township" - and the name of the group whose meeting you're interested in attending. The meeting link is on the agenda for that day.

Emigration Canyon Metro Council Meetings

The Council is the land use authority for Emigration Canyon, and is tasked with the responsibility of adopting a general plan.

Following a positive recommendation from the Planning Commission to adopt the General Plan, the Council will hear additional public input and consider whether to adopt the plan at their February 25th meeting.

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on November 19th to consider the General Plan. Members of the public spoke in favor of adoption at that hearing. The Planning Commission voted to recommend that the Council adopt the Plan, with minor revisions, at their January 14th meeting. For more details, keep scrolling down to see the web calendar.

General Plan Implementation

After adoption, there will be opportunities to get involved in the implementation of the General Plan. This could include joining a working group, advocating for use of the Plan, or participating in future studies or events. If you're interested in getting involved, please email Matthew Starley, Long-Range Planner.

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