Active Projects

Lots is happening in Kearns! Check back often for updates or information on new projects. Please contact your long range planner if you are interested in getting involved or learning more.

  1. Kearns Town Center Visioning Project
  2. 4700 S Reconstruction
  3. Ordinance Amendments

In 2020, Kearns adopted its first General Plan since incorporating as a municipality. One of the adopted General Plan goals was to "Create a Kearns Town Center to serve as a social gathering place and commercial hub". Implementation of this goal was selected as a priority for the Planning Commission and Council in 2023.

Kearns Metro Township is partnering with the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District, Salt Lake County Economic Development, and Kearns Community Council to lead a visioning effort for the Town Center area this year. Staff will be reaching out to the public, business owners, local organizations, and other partners in several ways to understand this area's opportunities and challenges and work towards future improvements. The study area includes land north and south of 5400 S from 4015 W to 4420 W.

The public can get involved in this project in several ways.

1. Attend the Kearns Business Block Party on May 13th from 11 AM to 3 PM to engage with local businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and staff members. There will be booth displays, food, drinks, and games. 

2. Take the online survey to share your feedback on the Town Center Area. 

         Take the survey in English here.

         Take the survey in Spanish here

3. Join our contact list. If you'd like to be notified of future events and engagement opportunities, please email Kayla Mauldin, Senior Long Range Planner (

Read the 2020 Kearns General Plan here.

Kearns Block Party Info Sheet