The Administration Department of the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services is made up of a General Manager, Associate General Manager, Finance Director, Planning & Development Services Director, Technology Manager, Human Resources Manager, Communications Manager, Accountant and Administrative Coordinator. 

  1. Marla Howard

    Marla Howard

    General Manager

  1. Brian Hartsell

    Brian Hartsell

    Associate General Manager and Treasurer

  1. Stewart Okobia

    Stewart Okobia

    Director of Finance

  1. Trent Sorenson

    Trent Sorensen

    Director of Planning & Development Services
    Additional Phone: 801-718-8961

  1. Izabela Miller

    Izabela Miller

    Technology Manager

  1. Maridene Alexander

    Maridene Alexander

    Communications Manager
    Additional Phone: 801-834-0254

  1. Chara Ellis

    Chara Ellis


  1. Tabitha Mecham

    Tabitha Mecham

    Administrative Coordinator

  1. Brooke Barnes

    Human Resources & Payroll Manager