The Administration Department of the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services is made up of a General Manager, Associate General Manager, Finance Director, Planning & Development Services Director, Technology Manager, Human Resources Manager, Communications Manager, Accountant and Administrative Coordinator. 

  1. Marla Howard

    Marla Howard

    General Manager
    Phone: 385-468-6677

  1. Brian Hartsell

    Brian Hartsell

    Associate General Manager and Treasurer
    Phone: 385-468-6685

  1. Stewart Okobia

    Stewart Okobia

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 385-468-6709

  1. Trent Sorenson

    Trent Sorensen

    Director of Planning & Development Services
    Phone: 385-468-6693
    Additional Phone: 801-718-8961

  1. Izabela Miller

    Izabela Miller

    Technology Manager
    Phone: 385-468-6708

  1. Maridene Alexander

    Maridene Alexander

    Communications Manager
    Phone: 385-468-6733
    Additional Phone: 801-834-0254

  1. Chara Ellis

    Chara Ellis

    Phone: 385-468-6678

  1. Tabitha Mecham

    Tabitha Mecham

    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone: 385-468-6703

  1. Brooke Barnes

    Human Resources & Payroll Manager
    Phone: 385-468-6704