Stormwater Permitting Information

Man Hole Cover in RoadwayWhen is a Storm Water Construction Permit required?

  • Construction General Permit (CGP) -  applies to all projects disturbing an acre or more (or lots that are part of a common plan of development, subdivision, or phased project that disturbs an acre or more).
  • Common Plan Permit (CPP) - applies to single residential lot disturbing less than an acre and located in subdivisions that are an acre or greater, subdivided after October 1992.

How do I obtain a Permit?

  • A Notice of Intent (NOI) is filed through the State of Utah via the EPA CDX website.  Once the required information is completed, certified, and the fee paid, a permit number will be issued.  
  • More information related to Storm Water Construction permitting can be found on the Utah Division of Water Quality website.

I have the Permit, now what?

  • You will need to schedule a Storm Water pre-construction meeting to discuss requirements and expectations relating to the permit.  
  • Read through the Storm Water Pre-Con Meeting handout.
  • Also be aware that depending on the location and type of your project, other permits may be required.  Please view the Permit Reference Sheet for more information.