General Plan


The Copperton General Plan was adopted in 2020. The purpose of the General Plan is to articulate a community-driven vision for Copperton and guide future planning and decision-making. All municipalities in Utah are required to adopt a General Plan with a land use and transportation element.

Read the General Plan

Copperton General Plan Cover. Click on the image to read the plan.

Future Land Use Map and Vision Statement

The Copperton General Plan identifies a vision for future land use in the Metro Township. Explore the map below to learn more. 

Copperton Vision Statement, adopted 2020: 

Copperton strives to be a community that: preserves its cultural and historical identity; protects open space and wildlife; is dedicated to a healthy, connected, and family-friendly environment; and embraces sustainable economic growth.

Copperton Future Land Use Map

Static image of Copperton Future Land Use Map. Click on image to explore map.
Click on the image above to explore the map in greater detail.

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