White City Planning Projects

Walk White City

The White City Council received a grant in the fall of 2021 to complete a walking plan for the City. This plan analyzes existing conditions, surveys the community on wants and needs, and assembles a list of the most needed and desirable projects to improve walking in the community. This plan is not adopted yet, but once it is adopted, it will be used over the next 10 years to prioritize walking projects that benefit everyone and make walking safe and fun.

Updated June 2023

The final draft of the Walk White City Plan will be reviewed by the Council on July 6th, 2023. The proposed adoption for the plan is planned for August 3rd, 2023.

Walk White City Pedestrian Network Concept Map

The Pedestrian Network Concept is the overarching framework for the Walk White City plan’s recommendations. The Pedestrian Network is the preferred alternative scenario developed from the three scenarios presented in the previous phase of the project. The project team believes this network concept combines the best aspects of each of the scenarios and best represents the community’s opinion on making the key tradeoffs. The project team forged this preferred scenario in collaboration with the Walkable Community Committee in response to community feedback and the Committee’s interpretation of it; team evaluation of the scenarios; the ways projects can best fit together and complement one another; and best practices.

Phases of Plan Creation Walk White City Plan

The MSD, Township, and County applied for a grant within the Transportation and Land Use Connection (TLC) program, administered by WFRC. These entities hired a consultant team led by Township + Range Community Planning and also including Alta Planning + Design. 

The project occurred in three phases: 

  • The first phase was information gathering and analysis. 
  • Next was a second phase of idea and concept development that resulted in a series of alternative pedestrian network scenarios. 
  • The project concluded with a Draft and Final Plan.