Construction Projects 2023


Copperton Metro Township, UT.

Copperton Storm Drain • The purpose of this project is to design and construct stormwater drainage improvements along Park Street, Apex Road, and Copperton Circle. The design of this project is underway with construction anticipated for 2024.

SR-48 Safe Sidewalk •  We will design and construct a new sidewalk along the north side of SR-48 between 8662 W and 8480 W in Copperton where sidewalk does not currently exist. This is a UDOT Safe Sidewalk Program award project with associated state funds. Design of the sidewalk is in the process of being finalized and construction will start in Summer/Fall 2023.

Emigration 2019 Logo GIF (1)Emigration Metro Township, Utah.

Margarethe Lane • The aim of this project is to provide increased safety and reduce maintenance by adding riprap in Freeze Creek, stabilizing the eastern embankment of the roadway, and completing a mill and overlay to Margarethe Lane, which was experiencing slope degradation thus leading to pavement failures. Riprap is a layer of large stones that protects soil from erosion in areas of high or concentrated flows. Work was completed in the fall of 2022 to stabilize the slope along the east side of the street on Margarethe Lane. Construction will begin to mill and overlay the road in late spring.

Emigration Canyon Slope Stabilization • We will improve the road and stabilize two critical slopes to provide a safer experience to bicyclists and motorists from 5167 E. to 5715 E. Emigration Canyon Road. The design of the project is being finalized and the process of acquiring necessary right-of-way easements and permits is ongoing.  

Emigration Creek Flood Map Revision • This study will update the Salt Lake County Flood Insurance Study and FEMA Flood Insurance Risk Maps (FIRMs). These documents are used by a “number agencies” and local municipalities to evaluate and mitigate potential flood damages. A field survey crew will be working in the channel collecting topographic data and making observations during Spring 2023.

Kearns 2019 LogoKearns Metro Township, Utah.

4700 So. (5600 West to 4000 South) Construction Project  • Improvements to replace aging pavement, reduce congestion, and increase safety. An additional eastbound travel lane from 4800 West to 4000 West will provide two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane. The bridge at 4700 was already replaced. There will be new curbs, gutters, and sidewalks installed to meet current ADA requirements. Also, bike lanes and pedestrian crossings will promote active transportation opportunities. The new pavement will remove steep slopes to provide a smoother roadway. Please contact the project team at or (385) 255-7772 if you have any questions or concerns.

4700 Water Wood Closure Graphic

5615 So Concrete Repairs and Overlay • We will remove and replace damaged curb, gutter, and sidewalk sections and infills existing in unimproved or damaged park strip areas. A raised pedestrian crossing will be constructed at 4430 West. The roadway will be resurfaced with new asphalt from Northwest Avenue to 4015 W. Work began early 2023 and will be completed in May 2023.

Planada Way & Farah Drive Intersection Regrade • The intersection of Farah Drive and Planada Way has a change in slope that is too drastic for many delivery vehicles and some personal vehicles to maneuver without scraping or getting stuck. This project will regrade the roadway on Farah Drive near the intersection, including replacing the roadway surface, curb, gutter, and sidewalk. The expectation is to construct in Summer 2023, but this may change depending on the cooperation of adjacent residents.

4805 S 4480 W C-Loop Sidewalk Replacement • Curb, gutter, and sidewalk will be replaced on the roadway loop off of 4420 W, including 4805 S, 4480 W, and 4835 S. This work is primarily complete, with only some landscaping work remaining. This will be completed in May 2023.

Cougar Lane Widening •  Kearns received a federal grant to reconfigure a one-block stretch of Cougar Lane (4800 W) between Niagara Way and the Kearns High School south parking lot entrance to alleviate congestion through this area. Conceptual designs and the environmental clearance work are just beginning. Full engineering design and right-of-way acquisition (if needed) will likely go through fall 2024 with construction in summer 2025.

4015 W, Twilight Drive to 5700 S Traffic Calming • This area of 4015 W has vehicles routinely exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 mph. This is especially problematic at this location due to the roadway geometry (S-curve), with many vehicles leaving the travel lane and using the shoulder and turn lane to navigate through the curves at high speed through this location. We will implement some traffic calming features that will make it more difficult for vehicles to leave the travel lane, which will force them to go through the area at a safer speed. The design is being finalized, with construction expected late summer into fall.

4015 W Bridge Replacement • Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Bush, the state legislature allocated money to replace the bridge over the Utah and Salt Lake Canal on 4015 W and 4715 S. The project will replace the bridge with a wider bridge or culvert, which will address the structural deficiencies of the existing crossing and allow sidewalk and bike lanes to continue across the bridge in addition to the road lanes.

Logo_MagnaMagna Metro Township, Utah.

9130 West Sidewalk from 2600 So. to 2700 So. • This project will revitalize street improvements, including curb, gutter, and sidewalk and connect to a new improved sidewalk on 2600 South. The funding for the project is from a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant and Federal funds.  It is in the final stages of design and construction is anticipated to begin in Summer 2023. 

Cyprus Master SD Phase 2 (8800 W) • We will be constructing new and modifying existing storm drain facilities along sections 8800 West, 9040 West, and 2810 South. This project will provide additional capacity to one of the major storm drain lines in Magna and mitigate localized flooding along those corridors. We will also install a new curb, gutter and sidewalk along the west side of 8800 West between Magna Main Street and 2600 South. The construction begins in May and ends in the late fall of 2023.

2550 South Phase 2 Grading • The purpose of this project is to perform necessary earthwork preparation for the future completion of 2550 S (Beagley Lane) between 8000 W and 7200 S. This project is anticipated for construction in Summer 2023.

2820 South Sidewalk • We will install a new curb, gutter, and sidewalk in several sections of 2820 South (Parkway Blvd.) between 7200 West and 8000 West where it is currently missing. Some minor storm drain improvements are also included in this project. Funding for this project comes from a Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) award project and Federal funds. The design of the project is being finalized with construction anticipated for Summer to Fall 2023.

3100 South Storm Drain • We will replace corrugated metal storm drain pipes and structures along 3100 South between Breeze Dr. and 8400 West to improve system resiliency and local drainage. The project is in design with construction anticipated for summer to fall 2023.

8000 West Widening • We will widen 8000 West between 3100 South and SR-201 to fit the new roadway cross-section. This project will include a new centered two-way left-hand turn lane, which will increase capacity by mitigating delays. A new curb, gutter, and sidewalk will also be installed in most of the sections where they are currently missing. The project is a Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) award project with associated Federal funds. The design of the project begins in Spring 2023.

White City Metro Township LogoWhite City Metro Township, Utah

Sego Lily Drive • We will add new curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides of the road from 700 East to Flint Drive. The project also includes several traffic calming features, including bulbouts  (curb extensions) at crosswalks, a raised crossing at the canal trail and additional drainage features. The road will be resurfaced with new asphalt and street lighting will be provided from 700 East to 1300 East. The finished road will include bike lanes and parking shoulders. Work is expected to begin this summer and will be complete before the end of the year.

Ski Connect Phase 2 • We will construct new sidewalk on the east side of Red Haven Drive from 9400 S north about 135’ to connect to existing sidewalk. A new ADA compliant pedestrian ramp will be constructed at the northeast corner of Red Haven and 9400 S. This project will begin this summer and take approximately 60 days to complete.

White City Canal Trail Lighting •  We will place outdoor lighting on the canal trail from Larkspur Drive to Carnation Drive. Wood poles with overhead lights will be placed approximately 150 ft to 200 ft. apart for this stretch of trail. This is part of an effort to provide lighting along the full length of the canal trail through White City. As additional funding is available, additional segments will receive lighting.

Onyx Lane Sidewalk •  White City received notification that it would receive federal funding for sidewalk along the north side of Onyx Lane. The intention is to build the sidewalk from the pass-through walkway west of Garnet to Big Bear Park. This will provide a safe walking path for students and others heading to the school or park. Initial planning has started and it is likely the sidewalk will be constructed in 2024. Affected residents adjacent to the sidewalk will be contacted as the design progresses.

Logo for Salt Lake CountyUnincorporated Salt Lake County, Utah

Millcreek Canyon Overlay • We will repave and widen the lower portion of Millcreek Canyon Road, from the guard shack to the winter gate, and restripe to allow for bike lanes. The majority of this work was completed last summer and fall, but additional signage and messaging will be added this spring when the snow recedes enough to do the work.

Vic’s Road (8475 So), 760 E to 874 E • We will add a curb, gutter, and sidewalk, and street lighting on the north side of the road. This project is partially funded through a UDOT TAP grant for safe pedestrian access. Construction will begin in May 2023 and go through the summer, with the intent to be finished prior to school starting in August.

10000 So 2700 E Safety Improvements • The school district has requested a curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the north side of the road from approximately 2543 E to 2700 E. We are currently still working in the design and right-of-way phase in order to find a solution that is appropriate for all affected parties.