Moderate Income Housing Efforts


In 2021, the State of Utah passed legislation requiring counties to update the Moderate Income Housing Element of their General Plans. The updates made it necessary for Salt Lake County to select 5 of the State's designated Moderate Income Strategies and create a plan for implementing each strategy. In 2022, the State found Salt Lake County's Moderate Income Housing Plan both compliant with state requirements and deserving of priority funding status for various state grant opportunities. Starting in 2023, the County is required to submit an annual report to the State regarding progress on the implementation of its Moderate Income Housing strategies.

Read Salt Lake County's Moderate Income Housing Plan (2022)

Read Salt Lake County's Letter of Compliance from the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development

Salt Lake County's adopted Moderate Income Housing strategies.

Salt Lake County's Progress To-Date:

  1. STRATEGY B: By the end of 2023, the County will have completed over 5 active transportation projects in Unincorporated Salt Lake County. Many of these help support the sidewalk network, enhancing safe routes to school and allowing greater autonomy for individuals without vehicles. During this year, Salt Lake County also completed its sidewalk inventory and secured a contract with Google Fiber for the Unincorporated Areas. 
  2. STRATEGY E: In July 2023, Unincorporated Salt Lake County launched its Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Survey. The survey is intended to help staff understand the barriers that property owners face when constructing ADUs. Results from the survey will be used to make recommendations to the County Planning Commissions and Council. Take the survey here!
  3. STRATEGIES F AND V: In Spring 2023, planning staff began working with the County's legal team on comprehensive revisions to the County's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. In addition to meeting new State requirements, the ordinance revisions are intended to bring about better conformity with the County's adopted general plans, including the Moderate Income Housing Plan. The anticipated end date for this project is late 2024 or early 2025. 
  4. STRATEGY O: In 2023, planning staff began working with Salt Lake County's Lead Safe Housing Team. Staff completed an analysis of areas in Unincorporated SLCo with the highest risk of lead paint exposure. This analysis is being used to target outreach efforts. Learn about lead paint exposure in Unincorporated Areas here.
2021-2023 Housing data for Unincorporated Salt Lake County