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7200 West to 8000 West Construction, Magna

Magna Residents,

At the end of June, work will begin on the construction of a new road to connect 7200 West to 8000 West at about 2550 South. The future Beagley Road will be approximately one mile long and will consist of one lane in each direction and a turn lane.

During this phase of the project, fill material will be placed along the roadway corridor to allow settlement prior to the construction of the finished road surface. In future phases, 7200 West will be widened to the west, and traffic signals will be placed to allow four-way traffic control at the intersection of Beagley Road and 7200 West. At the intersection of Beagley Road and 8000 West, the striping on 8000 West will be redone to allow better vehicle movements at the new intersection.

If you have any questions about this project, call (385) 468-6600.

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