How is a General Plan created and adopted?
  1. The Council directs the Planning Commission to update or draft the General Plan.
  2.  The Planning Commission notifies the public of its intent to draft or amend the General Plan. 
  3. After a hearing with the public, the Plan Preparers (for example, a Steering Committee working in collaboration with a Long Range Planner) begin to draft the document. County, regional, or state government can support the process with data and information. The General Public may provide input at various points in the process.
  4. The Plan Preparers pass their draft to the Planning Commission.
  5. The Planning Commission consults with the public in a public hearing before recommending the General Plan to the Council.
  6. The Council makes final revisions and adopts the revised/new General Plan in a public meeting.

Following adoption, the General Plan is used as a vision and guide for planning and decision-making. The Council may task different bodies with implementing all or part of the General Plan, including updating ordinances, applying for grants, or launching projects and programs.

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