How do I Appeal a Parking Ticket?

In accordance with the municipal code, you may appeal this notice by requesting a hearing with the Municipality's Administrative Law Judge. To file an appeal, you must file a written appeal within 20 calendar days of the date of this notice. Your appeal must:

1. Describe the reason for your appeal and include any supporting documentation;

2. Contain the above Parking Notice number;

3. Include the name and address of the vehicle owner or operator appealing the Notice;

4. Be signed by: (i) the owner of the vehicle; (ii) an authorized agent of the owner; or (iii) the authorized operator of the vehicle; and

5. Be mailed or delivered to the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District, #N3600, 2001 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84190. Failure to timely request a hearing will forfeit your right to appeal this administrative citation and may result in a default order being entered against you. The order may include an award of civil penalties, fees, and other costs.

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