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Bart Barker
General Manager
Email Bart385.468.6709Bart's Bio
Brian Hartsell
Associate General Manager
Email Brian385.468.6685Brian's Bio
Marla Howard
Chief Financial Officer
Email Marla385.468-6677
Lupita McClenning
Director of Planning & Development
Email Lupita385.468.6675
Izabela Miller
Operation Officer
Email Izabela385.468.6708
Brooke Barnes
Human Resources & Payroll Specialist
Email Brooke385.468.6704
Maridene Alexander
Communications Manager
Email Maridene385.468.6733
Ina Oviatt
Office Coordinator & Records Officer
Email Ina385.468.6703
Chara Ellis
Email Chara385.468.6678


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