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Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD)

Notice of Intent to award a contract without engaging in a standard procurement process – June 17, 2020

Description of the procurement item: 

Esri, a U.S.-based company, is a sole owner and manufacturer, is a sole source provider of software maintenance (technical support plus ESRI software updates/upgrades) for Esri products in the United States. Esri is the sole source provider of all U.S. domestic Small Municipal and County Government Enterprise Agreements (EA). The Small Municipal and County Government EA is a bundled package of term-limited software licenses and maintenance that includes the right to copy. 

Esri will provide a package of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, maintenance, services, and training. Only Esri software is compatible with MSD’s technical and software needs, and as a result, MSD determined Esri as a sole source provider for the GIS software.

Total dollar value of the procurement item:  $120,650 total over 3 years

Duration of the proposed contract:  3 years

Signature of authorized official conducting procurement unit:  See Sole-Source Determination Letter

Research completed by the MSD, the conducting procurement unit: See Sole-Source Determination Letter


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