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The MSD Board of Trustees, at their October 14, 2020 meeting, approved six projects that staff will pursue funding from the FY2021 bond issuance (Chart 1 below). The Board also approved 11 projects for its member entities, encompassing sidewalks, road projects, stormwater improvements, and safety measures for crosswalk intersections (Chart 2 below).
HAWK Crossing at 10600 South – High-Intensity Activated CrossWalk signal device will assist people to safely cross the street at 10600 South White City Canal Trail (just east of 700 East) from north to south.  This past year an old irrigation line was transformed into a trail from 10600 South to Carnation Drive.  The HAWK will connect the trail to the Sandy portion on the south side.
Sego Lily Drive Road Improvement – between 700 E to 1300 E – Additional budget for 2019 Project between 700 E to 1300 E – add curb, gutter, sidewalk and lighting along the corridor.


8425 South Sidewalk – Environmental Document and Sidewalk –  In March 2020, Salt Lake County was awarded a Federal Transportation Alternative Program grant (TAP) to build a sidewalk on the north side of 8425 South between 1300 E to 1475 E in the unincorporated area of Salt Lake County.  This will be a great addition to Sandy Hills Community Council and the sidewalk will connect to Peruvian Park Elementary. Before design and construction begin, an environmental document will be completed meeting federal funding guidelines.
2008 E Dimple Dell Road – Relocate existing storm drain inlet in the roadway to the south and add new curb and gutter to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

5615 S Concrete Repair – Repair curb, parkstrip and sidewalk on both sides of the street between 4270 W and 4580 W
Traffic Calming (various locations) – Traffic Calming measures including driver feedback, signs and speed bumps.
4700 S Improvement – Kearns Metro Township, West Valley City and UDOT are designing improvements to 4700 South from 4000 West to 5600 West to accommodate future travel demand, improve traffic movement and safety of intersections for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians throughout the corridor.

Master Storm Drain Plan – Funds for a consultant to produce a storm drain master plan for Copperton.

Design of Storm Water Improvements.2820 S Sidewalk 7563 W to 7440 W  – WFRC TAP Grant – funds for the installation of a sidewalk.

Emigration Canyon Road Widening – Funds to obtain a survey for 30% design and feasibility study on widening in certain locations.
Margarethe Stabilization- Funds for the regrading around Margarethe Lane to stabilize the slope.
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