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Copperton General Plan Approved

On October 21st, Copperton achieved a milestone: the Copperton Council voted to adopt the 2020 Copperton General Plan. This is the first plan since Copperton was incorporated as a metro township. The plan utilizes reputable data and significant and authentic public engagement to plan for Copperton’s future. It will be an asset in guiding ordinance updates, prioritizing projects, and progressing toward Copperton’s vision for the community. A huge thank you goes out to the General Plan Steering Committee for their efforts in spearheading the plan and working on it from May 2019 through September 2020. 

Check out Copperton’s new Long Range Planning Website:

Check out Copperton’s new Long Range Planning Website: To enhance the dissemination of information and create even more ways for the public to engage with planning efforts, the MSD Tech Team and Long Range Planning have set up this website. Here, residents find information on planning concepts and ongoing planning projects.  Residents can access important planning documents, such as the draft 2020 Copperton General Plan and the Future Land Use Map. Most importantly, residents can submit feedback and learn about ways to get involved.

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