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Copperton Survey Results

To gain widespread public feedback for Copperton’s 2020 General Plan, MSD planning staff created the Amenities and Priorities Survey and sent residents a postcard with details on how they could access the online survey.  Here are some of the results:

What summarizes what you love most about Copperton?  Residents love that Copperton is quiet (20 mentions), peaceful (4), slow-paced (3), a small town (17), historic character (6) and charming (5). They loved Copperton’s relative location (9) that enables it to retain its small town, rural feel while allowing residents to access big-city amenities. Respondents also loved Copperton Park and the surrounding green space (6). Additionally, respondents love their community! Respondents mentioned the generous, kind and close-knit Copperton community (18).

What do you consider Copperton’s greatest challenge? Yard and building disrepair is the most identified challenge (11 mentions), neighbor behavior (10) and internet behavior (7). Other concerns included encroaching development (6), maintaining community character (5), a lack of businesses and amenities (4), petty crime and nuisances (4) and rising expenses (4).

Imagine you left Copperton and came back in 2030. What do you hope to see?
Several themes emerged. The most commonly mentioned themes included: kept up landscapes and homes (25 mentions), the same community (14), preserved green space (13), a small town (11), charming homes (13), and historic character (8), additional small businesses (10) and limited development (10).

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