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Emigration Canyon Construction

Update for Cyclists:
Emigration Canyon, as a whole, will reopen to cyclists on Sunday, September 6.

There will be four or five steel plates in the roadway next week to accommodate a few missed utility manholes, so please use caution while cycling through the area, and be on the lookout for those.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during the temporary closure.

Upcoming Work Activities:
• There are four or five utilities that were missed, that will have to be raised back up to street level next week. As a result, motorists and cyclists should expect a few steel plates in the roadway next week to cover the newly poured concrete collars around manholes during the necessary concrete cure time.

• Crews will complete striping placement through the remainder of the canyon on September 4 and 5. The striping in the lower section of the canyon will be adjusted after Labor Day. This will require crews to water-blast off some of the current striping before replacing it correctly.

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