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Kearns Detectives Remove Graffiti From Private Residence

At the end of April, the Kearns community spirit was on full display. Six members of the Unified Police Department’s (UPD) Kearns Precinct helped removed graffiti from a private residence. With elbow grease and the precinct chief’s sandblaster, the officers spent six hours scrubbing and scraping a stone wall clean. Their hard work saved the homeowner $1,800.

Sergeant Cordova said, “It’s very expensive to remove graffiti, and if you leave it there it can attract crime. Rival gangs tag over another gang’s tag. Many homeowners are not able to afford to pay to remove graffiti themselves.”

Detectives Omar, Flores, Sperry, Santoro, Scrivner and Sergeant Cordova worked together to help this Kearns resident. Sergeant Cordova said, “I have a new appreciation for graffiti removal.” (Photos are attached to this email.)The Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District provides municipal services to the Kearns Metro Township.

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