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Lost & found pets: where to begin – Salt Lake County Animal Services

If your dog escapes from your yard, bolts out the front door, or goes missing while you’re on vacation, here’s where to start looking and posting.

What to do if your pet is lost:

  • Visit your local shelter and surrounding shelters within 24 hours. Keep returning. All lost pets that come into Salt Lake County Animal Services are listed at Email a photo of your pet and where they went missing to, and/or call Dispatch to report your missing pet: 801-840-4000.
  • Post your pet’s photo on social media (ex: Facebook, Next Door App, KSL), flyers on public bulletin boards and around the neighborhood. Call local veterinary clinics as well.
  • Look for your pet during the day and at night. Call for your pet and stay in one place long enough for your pet to respond to your call. Organize a search party.

Here are some simple steps to take if you find a lost pet:

  • Lost pets must be reported to local animal control within 24 hours. It’s the law, a shelter is the FIRST place most pet owners look for their missing pet.
  • If you find this pet in Salt Lake County Animal Services jurisdiction, take it directly to the shelter (511 W. 3900 S.) during business hours (10 AM – 6 PM, Mon-Sat.) If it’s outside of business hours, please call animal control dispatch at 801-840-4000. SLCO Animal Control is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can take a picture of that pet and post it on social media (ex: Facebook, Next Door App, KSL) with where you found the animal and that you took it to Salt Lake County Animal Services.
  • Inquire about our Cat Foster Finder Program.

Prepare yourself before your pet gets lost:

  • Make sure your pets have current ID tags and their microchip info is current. All pets in Salt Lake County with a current pet license can receive a free microchip at Salt Lake County Animal Services. Throughout 2021, microchipping and licensing clinics will be held the second Thursday of the month from 2-4 PM at 511 W 3900 S. Questions? Email

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