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The Municipal Service District (MSD) completed a Strategic Planning Process which involved Board of Trustee members and administration. The process was coordinated by Insignia Partners. A community survey was conducted throughout all of the MSD member communities. Through the process, the following mission, vision and values were developed.

Mission: MSD’s mission is to provide quality, innovative and cost-effective municipal services to meet the present and future needs of the distinct communities we serve.

Vision: The leader in municipal services that creates, facilitates, and maintains the health, safety, and welfare of our vibrant communities.

To view the entire Stratigic Plan, click here or on the photo below.  To view of copy of the Strategic Plan Survey, click here.


Integrity and Transparency

  • We safeguard the public trust through honest business practices, open communication, and responsible stewardship of community services and resources.
  • We act consistent with our values, understanding that doing the right thing even when no one is looking is key to success; we support and encourage our team in their ethical behavior.
  • We willingly share financial, planning, and project information with the public.


  • We achieve the best solutions and most creative ideas by working in teams, recognizing and drawing upon the strengths of each member.
  • We see our interactions with residents as a professional relationship where we assist them with finding possible solutions; we see opportunities to lend our expertise and experience to resolve the concerns of our constituents.
  • We engage employees and the public in productive and respectful dialogue.

Compassion and Respect

  • We exhibit compassion and empathy through active listening in our daily activities by gathering all facts and seeking greater understanding.
  • We demonstrate respect for the public and for each other, recognizing everyone’s uniqueness.


  • We provide responsive customer service in a timely, accurate manner.
  • We take ownership of the needs of our communities and seek appropriate solutions.
  • We follow through with requests from residents or municipalities and keep them updated along the way.

Financial stability

  • We demonstrate long-term financial stability by analyzing our operating methods using qualitative and quantitative data.
  • We share financial information, so it is easy to understand by those we serve and expresses the value that is provided to each community.
  • We are effective and efficient stewards of our financial resources by aligning our community needs with business practices.
  • We make budgets with the best possible projections and compare actual performance to spot opportunities.
  • We analyze our actual experience compared to budget to get a quantitative analysis of revenue, expenses, overhead, and impact of debt service.

Solution oriented

  • We are solution oriented by knowing our customers and improving our services with data, research, quantitative evidence/analysis as well as engagement with the community members.
  • We serve our communities and focus on addressing the unique challenges of each and the region as a whole.
  • We think systematically and strategically to see the possibilities of addressing problems to continuously improve all our activities and services to best meet community and organizational needs.
  • We are constantly looking at new technologies and trends in industries to find the best practices that bring the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.
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