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Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District

Planning & Development Main Phone:   (385) 468-6700

  • Building Licensing
  • Building Permits
  • Building Inspections – To schedule a building inspection, please call (385) 468-6690
  • Code Enforcement
  • Long Range Planning
  • GIS/Mapping
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Stormwater Inspection

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MSD Contact Information

First NameLast NamePositionPhone Number(s)Email Address
TomZumbadoCode Enforcement Officer(395) 249-7437Email Tom
ShawnaWinterPermitting & Licensing Technician(385) 468-6694Email Shawna
MarkUrrySenior Building Inspector(385) 222-1736Email Mark
SteveSzemereyCode Enforcement Supervisor(385) 468-6695Email Steve
TrentSorensenChief Building Official(385) 468-6693Email Trent
JamieSimsPlans Examiner(385) 468-6676Email Jamie
MikeSenaSWPPP / Grading STorm Water Inspection(385) 468-6627Email Mike
Patricia RustPermitting & Licensing Technician(385) 468-6688Email Patricia
AlexRudowskiGIS Analyst / Planner(385) 468-6684Email Alex
InaOviattOffice Coordinator & Records Officer(385) 468-6703Email Ina
JimNakamuraPlanner II(385) 468-6711Email Jim
EdMolitorisSenior Building Inspector(385) 381-3511Email Ed
IzabelaMillerOperations Manager(385) 468-6708Email Izabela
JimMcNultyPlanning Manager(385) 468-6672Email Jim
LupitaMcClenningPlanning and Development, Director(385) 468-6675 Email Lupita
DianaMartinezPlanner II(385) 468-6696Email Diana
JanethMarroquinTechnical Support Specialist(385) 468-7132Email Janeth
RachelMankoBusiness Analyst(385) 468-6679Email Rachel
MikalaJordanLong Range Planner(385) 468-6714Email Mikala
MarlaHowardChief Financial Officer(385) 468-6677Email Marla
BrianHartsellAssociate General Manager(385) 468-6685Email Brian
TravisHairPlanner II(385) 468-6717Email Travis
WendyGurrPlanning Coordinator(385) 468-6707Email Wendy
AliciaGonzalezCode Enforcement Officer(385) 222-0405Email Alicia
Mike GeorgeBuilding Grading Review Specialist(385) 468-6682Email Mike
DeborahGarnerPermitting and LIcense Supervisor(385) 468-6686Email Deborah
JuliaFriedmanPlanner I(385) 468-6692Email Julia
CharaEllisAccountant(385) 468-6678Email Chara
KateDaviesLong Range Planner(385) 468-6691Email Kate
ShadCookPlanning Technician(385) 468-6706Email Shad
KirkBoyingtonSenior Building Inspector(385) 468-6671Email Kirk
TiffanyBorkPermitting and License Technician(385) 468-6701Email Tiffany
Joe BorgoineSenior GIS Analyst(385) 468-6680Email Joe
BrookeBarnesHuman Resources & Payroll Specialist(385) 468-6704Email Brooke
Bart BarkerGeneral Manager(385) 468-6709Email Bart
GregBaptistStormwater Inspection Supervisor(385) 468-6681Email Greg
Sally AndersonCode Enforcement Officer(801) 330-6789Email Sally
MarideneAlexanderCommunications Manager(385) 468-6733
C. (801) 831-7224
Email Maridene