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There may be situations or specific projects that require other documentation that is not on the list.

• Site Plan – Orientation of site plan must match the orientation of building plans
• Floor Plan
• Footing/Foundation Plan
• Floor Framing
• Roof Framing
• Elevations
• Wall Section
• Electrical Plan
• Mechanical/HVAC design with heat loss calculations according to Manuels J & D
• Stair Section
• Truss Specifications
• ResCheck – or show prescriptive compliance with the energy code
• Gas Line Schematic
• Engineering Package and Stamped Structural Pages
• Fire Flow (water availability) report may be required prior to issuing permits based on Unified Fire Authority guidelines

This is a typical list and is not meant to be comprehensive. Depending on the scope of your project, there may be more or less documentation required for the submittal. Please call with any questions.


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