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In Spring of 2018, the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Service District (MSD) asked the Salt Lake County Public Works Engineering Department to investigate a new funding mechanism for storm water related services within the MSD Service Area. The new funding mechanism to be considered is a storm water fee.

Funding through a storm water fee generally has an advantage over funding through taxes because the fee more fairly distributes costs among different user groups and ensures adequate funding for storm water services. The  MSD hired an independent consultant with expertise in this area (Bowen Collins & Associates) to perform the requisite technical analysis and otherwise assist with engineering in this investigation.

Currently, Bowen Collins & Associates is conducting a detailed technical analysis for the proposed storm water fee. The results of this analysis will be available in early 2019 and will include a recommended policy and fee amount.

Following the analysis and the creation of a draft policy for the operation of a storm water fee, the proposed fee and policy will be presented to each metro council for review, comment, and potential ratification.

For additional details, please see FAQ. If you have questions or would like to comment on this study, click here. A schedule of upcoming open houses and hearings is available here.

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