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Town of Brighton: Short Term-Rentals

The Brighton Town Council passed an ordinance regulating short-term rentals last April 2021. This ordinance allows property owners a grace period, until December 1, 2021, to bring a property used as a short-term rental in compliance with the Town Code. The goal of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance is to allow property owners, residents, and visitors to enjoy the wonderful Town of Brighton and be good neighbors

Short-term rental definition: “any dwelling or condominium or portion thereof that is available for use or is actually used for accommodations or lodging of guests for a period of less than thirty consecutive days, wherein guests pay a fee or other compensation for said use.”

Requirements to use a property as a short-term rental include:

  • Sewer connection and year-round culinary water (septic tanks/fields, or holding tanks are not allowed)
  • Accessory Dwelling Units whether attached or detached are not permitted as a short-term rental.
  • Land Use Permit (“FCOZ permitted use”);
  • Business license;
  • Two off street, year-round vehicle parking spaces, plus one for each bedroom over two bedrooms;
  • Inspection and compliance with building and fire codes; reinspection every three years;
  • Compliance with short term rental regulations such as minimum of two nights duration of rental, no more than 15 occupants, restrictions on noise, property cleaning, prohibition of holding special events including weddings, snow removal, etc.

The regulations are listed in the Town code:, or on the Town website at: That page advises property owners of the short-term rental regulations and explains the process to obtain a Land Use Permit, business license, and regulations covering short-term rentals.

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