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Transportation & Land Use Survey Results


In April and May 2020, the Long Range Planning Team posted a survey to leaders, constituents, and social media platforms across the MSD service area. The team was hoping to gather information on current and future transportation and land use preferences within MSD member communities (e.g., Brighton, Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, unincorporated Salt Lake County, White City). This information can help guide the development of general plans for these communities.

The response rate was excellent. The MSD received 464 responses to the survey. Respondents were well divided between male and female, with 48% male, 49% female, and 3% who preferred not to say. Respondents were also relatively well divided across age ranges:

18-35: 10%

35-49: 33%

50-64: 33%

65+: 19%

Prefer not to say: 5%

The final results of the survey are still being analyzed but will soon be available on the Long Range Planning website, here. Some interesting early analysis shows that in response to question 2, “How often do you use the following modes of transportation?” 65% of all respondents said that they drive alone daily, while 17 % said they use alternative modes of transportation such as carpool, bus, train, or bike on a daily basis. In response to question 6, “Which of the following changes would encourage you to use modes of transport other than single-occupancy vehicles?” the top five options chosen by participants were “Better location of bus and rail stops” (184 responses), “More frequent rail and bus service” (166 responses), “Safer sidewalks” (150 responses), “Continued or increased poor air quality” (136 responses), and “Improved telecommuting options” (129 responses).

Survey results dashboard:…

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