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Two Bridges Completed in Magna

We are pleased to announce the Magna Bridge Replacement project was completed. The project is a joint partnership between the MSD and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

Through a contract with the MSD, Salt Lake County engineers and construction crews replaced two bridges in Magna with new structures that have a service life of 75 years. The bridges are located at:

  • 9200 West near the Kennecott gate
  • 3500 South near 8900 West

There were significant structural deficiencies on both bridges. The double tee beams were in poor condition, spalls created exposed areas and some prestressing strands were severed (see photos). Spalls are flakes of a material that break off a larger solid body. Prestressing strands are twisted steel cables composed of high strength steel wires and are used in construction to relieve stress.

Lead engineer Crystal Hulbert said this project had a tight budget, so to reduce construction cost, the team implemented value engineering during the design process. The project also had a tight schedule because the canal needed to be opened by April for the flow of irrigation water. The successful bridge project started in 2019 and was completed by the April deadline. The new bridges are stronger and safer.

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