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Upcoming Projects in Unincorporated Salt Lake County

Vic’s Road (8475 South)

The MSD and SLCo engineers have begun design for a sidewalk on the north side of Vic’s road from about 700 East to 800 East. We expect to construct this sidewalk this year starting in the summer and being completed in fall. Additional information will be distributed to the adjacent parcels as design progresses.

8425 South Sidewalk

Engineering plans have been completed for a sidewalk project on the north side of 8425 South from 1300 East to 1475 East. This project will add approximately 1,000 feet of sidewalk to provide a safe and ADA-compliant walking path to the area near Peruvian Park Elementary School. It is expected that construction on the project will begin in July and go through August. Speed feedback signs will be installed on this road as well, to help with traffic calming.

9400 South sidewalk project
(Little Cottonwood Road)

We are wrapping up the construction of a sidewalk project on 9400 South from 3000 East to 3100 East. This project includes approximately 660 feet of new curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the south side of the road, including an ADA compatible pedestrian ramp.

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