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• Replacing defective plumbing fixtures with equivalent fixtures.
• Replace electrical lights and receptacles with equivalent devices.
• Building a deck or platform that is less than 18 inches above the adjoining ground, under 200 square feet, and is not attached to the dwelling. NOTE: The location of the structure still requires approval from the Planning/Zoning Division at (385) 468-6700. 
• Building a detached accessory structure that is less than 200 square feet in floor area (120 sq. foot commercial), only one story in height without any plumbing, mechanical or electrical. NOTE: The location of the structure still requires approval from the Planning/ Zoning Division at (385) 468-6700.
• Erecting a fence that is no more than seven feet in height, measured from adjoining grade; includes wood, concrete, masonry, and plastic fences.
•  Driveways and patios without roof coverings are exempt from permit requirements. Although a building permit is not required for driveways and patios, there are zoning and land use requirements that may regulate or restrict the amount or location of the patios and driveways and you should check with the MSD Planning/Zoning Department.  NOTE: Altering the public sidewalk, curb & gutter, or driveway approach requires a permit from the Public Works Department prior to construction or demolition at (385) 468-6623.


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