General Plan


The Kearns General Plan was adopted in 2020 and was amended to include additional elements in 2021 (Resilience and Infrastructure) and 2022 (Moderate Income Housing). The purpose of the General Plan is to articulate a community-driven vision for Kearns and guide future planning and decision-making. All municipalities in Utah are required to adopt a General Plan with a land use and transportation element.

Read the General Plan and Supplemental Elements

The cover of the 2020 General Plan for Kearns.
Cover of the Resilience and Infrastructure Element adopted by Kearns in 2021.
The cover of the 2022 Moderate Income Housing Plan for Kearns.

General Plan Storymaps

Short on time? You can learn about the ideas presented in the General Plan by exploring the General Plan Storymaps. The storymaps present maps, images, and text narrating the land use, transportation, economic development, and housing visions of the Kearns General Plan.

A screenshot of the homepage for the Kearns Storymap collection. Click on this image to view.

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